Moderate comments before publishing

19 November 2016 - Examples - Comments -

Very easy to moderate all comments that come across your blog before publishing, so you have the possibility to refuse publication of any of them, we recommend that you keep this option to prevent the automatic publishing of inappropriate comments.

How to activate this service?
Very easy, just enter your administration panel and go to Settings, once there click on "Blog" and check the box next to find the phrase "Moderate Comments" remembers "Save" the changes, and press "Show web".

You can find more help in our Online Helpdesk Arcadina.

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Your photos larger, uses the maximum width of the blog

10 September 2016 - Examples - Comments -

Show your work is now easier than ever with the new tools we have prepared especially for you, you will be able to upload as many images as you want in a one click, it functions as a gallery, you can order them, select whether or not to publish, and delete afterwards.

You'll also be able to leverage the maximum width of the blog without "surprises" unpleasant affecting design include a blog by excessively large image in an article, as it is now automatically adjusted to the maximum width of our blog, and if you include an image smaller than it is displayed in its actual dimensions not scaled or distorted.

This is an example of images that occupy the entire width of the body of the blog:

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